Narcan Kits Come in Handy For Washoe County Sheriff’s Deputies

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office’s decision to provide Narcan kits and training to Patrol deputies proved invaluable last Saturday night, when a deputy used his Narcan kit and CPR to help revive an unconscious woman in south Reno. Shortly after 6:00 p.m. Saturday, June 9th, deputies were dispatched to a report of an unresponsive woman at Goldenrod Drive and Callahan Ranch Road. The first deputy arrived on scene within five minutes and immediately began CPR. The deputy determined the woman was unresponsive as a result of a narcotics overdose. A second deputy on scene quickly retrieved a Narcan kit from one of the patrol vehicles which was used on the woman. Medical personnel arrived on scene and lifesaving measures were continued until it was determined the woman had regained a pulse. She was taken to a local hospital for further treatment.