School District Approves Contract For Superintendent Traci Davis

Washoe County School District Trustees voted 5-2 to approve a new contract for Superintendent Traci Davis. Board President Katy Simon Holland says she applauds Superintendent Davis for working cooperatively with the Board’s representatives in the negotiation, adding “She is acutely aware of the budget challenges our District is facing, and she volunteered to give up many of the benefits she was offered in the past.” Davis is happy with the vote of confidence.

Under terms of the proposed contract, Superintendent Davis has agreed to eliminate a number of benefits from her reimbursement package, including: Annual automatic five percent longevity bonus,Annual additional 1/3 year service credit payment by WCSD, and Additional mileage reimbursement beyond the car allowance for miles accrued outside Washoe County. Her salary remains about $275,000 a year.