Nevada Dems Say Heller Admitted Campaign Law Violations

Nevada State Democratic Party has filed a new complaint with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against Sen. Dean Heller, after Heller’s re-election campaign and his son admitted to violating campaign finance laws last week. A report from the Reno Gazette-Journal found that Heller’s campaign has paid Heller Enterprises LLC at least $52,500 since July 2016 for “social media consulting services.” That’s not illegal. Heller Enterprises, a Utah-based production company whose sole employee is Heller’s son, is not a paid vendor for any other federal campaign. Both Heller’s campaign and his son said that Heller Enterprises provided services to the campaign at a “cheap discount” and was “paid below market rate.” But democrats say that’s the real problem for two reasons… corporations are strictly prohibited from donating to federal campaign committees, and these in-kind contributions were never reported to the FEC.