NHP Looking For Witnesses to Road Rage Incident

Nevada Highway Patrol investigators are looking for witnesses to a road rage incident in west Reno Monday. A trooper drove by and saw part of it about 4:55 p.m. . It happened on the West McCarran eastbound I-80 offramp. Investigators say the driver of a white and black Dodge Ram 1500 pickup, and a driver and passenger of a blue 1988 GMC pickup, stopped on the offramp and fought with each other. The driver of the Dodge used a metal baseball bat; the two from the GMC used a bat and metal garden shears. The GMC driver was hurt badly enough to be taken to a hospital; no information about his condition has been released. NHP says the drivers did not know each other, and it’s not clear what led to the fight. No one has been arrested so far.