Nevada Governor Outraged Over Attempted Foreign Intrusion Into Pot Biz

The news that some Eastern European natives, connected with an unnamed Russian, plotted to buy their way into Nevada’s legal marijuana business with illegal campaign contributions, drew a strong reaction from Governor Steve Sisolak. Sisolak calls it an outrage, and he is now creating a multi-state agency special task force. Besides the attempted foreign intrusion, the Governor is also concerned about illegal sales to minors, allegations of manipulated lab results, and a licensing process plagued by lawsuits. Sisolak is forming a multi-state agency special task force, to root out potential corruption or criminal influences effective immediately. Sisolak says any marijuana entity that violates the law, will see swift and severe criminal and regulatory action. Sisolak says he wants to protect health and safety, jobs, and education funding. His former rival for Governor, Adam Laxalt, is reportedly returning a $10,000 donation from associates of Rudy Giuliani, but hasn’t directly commented on the investigation.