Dolan Group Class Projects Winners Announced

Dolan Auto Group announced the winners of this year’s “Dolan Class Projects” via Facebook Live. Eleven classrooms were awarded a share of $60,000 – first place receives $10,000 with $9,000 for the classroom and $1,000 to a project that benefits the community. Ten classrooms received $5,000 each, with $500 going back to the community. The Grand Prize Winner – $10,000 was Ms. Johnson’s Middle School Robotics Class – St. Albert the Great Catholic School.  $5,000 winners were the Fernley High School Drama Department, Mrs. Cates & 4th Grade – Doral Academy of Northern Nevada, Angela Sciarani 1st Grade – Yerington Elementary School, Megan Malkmus – K-2 Comprehensive Life, Mount Rose K-8, Mrs. Walker’s 2nd Grade Class – Huffaker Elementary, Esther Bennett Elementary Leadership Class, Ms. Gonzales’ Pre-K Teacher – Rita Cannan Elementary School, Mrs. Snyder Art Classes – McQueen High, and 10. Mrs. Hardt and Senorita Yossen First Grade Dual Language Class – at Jessie Beck. For this year’s Dolan Class Project, students and teachers submitted short videos explaining how they would use the funds to improve their classroom and how they would use a portion of the funds to give back to the community.