Meta to Ban Content Using ‘Zionist’ as Antisemitic Trope

Meta, the parent company for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Threads, said Tuesday it will begin to remove content that targets “Zionists,” where the term is used to refer to Jews and Israelis rather than representing supporters of the political movement.

The social media giant’s new policy, The Hill reported, expands which posts targeting “Zionists” will be removed based on how the term is treated, compared to its previous hate speech policy that more narrowly banned the word when it was used as a stand-in term for Jews or Israelis.

“The word ‘Zionist’ has layers of meaning based on its origins and usage today, and may also be highly dependent on context,” the company wrote in a blog post titled, “Update from the Policy Forum on our approach to ‘Zionist’ as a proxy for hate speech.” “This term often refers to supporters of a political movement, which is not itself a protected characteristic under our policies, but in some cases may be used as a proxy to refer to Jewish or Israeli people, which are protected characteristics under our Hate Speech policy.

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