Dems Say Laxalt Needs to Reveal Interactions With the NRA

The Nevada State Democratic Party filed a public records request with Attorney General Adam Laxalt for any communication between his office and the NRA since Laxalt’s term began in January 2015. As the gun lobby’s biggest advocate in Nevada, Laxalt was slated to speak at the NRA’s upcoming conference in Dallas until his photo was mysteriously scrubbed from the event website, days after the Parkland shooting, raising questions about what happened and whether he still plans to attend. Laxalt was a main stage speaker at last year’s NRA meeting. Laxalt has been getting heat for refusing to enforce the the background check measure passed by voters, he says it’s unenforceable. Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Helen Kalla says, “Nevadans deserve to know if a man who hopes to be their governor is taking his cues from special interests.”