Governor Sandoval Signs Letter Asking For More Federal Support in Opioid Crisis

Gov. Brian Sandoval is one of four bipartisan governors who signed a letter asking for federal support for state- and local-level initiatives to address the nationwide opioid crisis. In the letter addressed to theHouse Speaker and House Minority Leader, the governors express support for nine health care-related bills introduced in the House, including the “Preventing Overdoses While in Emergency Rooms Act,” or POWER Act, which would mandate follow-up care for patients admitted to emergency rooms for an overdose, and the Eliminating Opioid Related Infectious Diseases Act of 2018, which would expand the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s injection drug use infection surveillance program. Sandoval,and the Governors of Montana, Massachusetts and Oregon, also asked Congress to reauthorize State Targeted Response Grants to help address opioid abuse in individual states.