Nevada Joins Pushback Against Robo Calls

Nevada has joined 33 other states, asking for new rules that would empower phone companies to block “Robo calls.” New technology could be employed to identify and block “Spoofed” calls, but allow legitimate calls to go through. Spoofed calls make it seem calls are coming from your local area or area code, which make it more likely you’ll pick up. Attorney General Adam Laxalt says these calls scam Nevadan’s out of their hard earned money.


Appropriate Some Culture

By J.T. Parker Apparently the way to stomp out the world’s racism is to verbally abuse a teenage girl the day after her prom. At least, that’s what (literally) thousands of keyboard warriors attempted as they expressed their frustrations toward Keziah Daum, a non-Asian high school student in Utah, who decided to wear a traditional…

Smile and Nod

By J.T. Parker The air was biting as the marchers covered their ears with their pink knitted beanies, waving signs that may as well have read “I hate you straight, white man.” I kept my mouth shut as I tried to blend in, hoping the cold (and not my frustration) would be perceived as the…