Candidate For Governor Steve Sisolak Clarifies His Position on “Sanctuary Cities”

ORIGINAL STORY: Democratic candidate for Governor Steve Sisolak is breaking with some of the leaders of his own party. Sisolak says he does not support Sanctuary Cities. Jeremy Hughes President of a group called “Prevent Sanctuary Cities,” says they appreciate the Clark County Commissioners support, and that bucking his party is a “Brave step.” Sisolak was also endorsed by the Unified Construction Industry Council, a labor-management cooperation committee composed of over 20,000 men and women in the building trades and 200 construction-trade contractors.



“America needs real immigration reform, not the divisive politics and
racist rhetoric you are hearing every day from Donald Trump. My
position is clear: Anyone who commits a violent felony crime in Nevada
should go to jail – no matter who they are, where they are from, or
how they got here. But, like Governor Sandoval, I stand firmly against
the partisan ballot initiative that is intended only to fear-monger
and score political points. I do not support the deportation of 11
million undocumented immigrants or the use of Donald Trump’s
indiscriminate federal tactics that sweep up otherwise law-abiding
people. Instead of tearing families apart, we should demand that
Congress create a workable pathway to citizenship for law-abiding
immigrants, protect DREAMers, and address border security.”