State Supreme Court Says, No Govt Business on Private Devices

The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that government officials cannot subvert the state’s public records law, by conducting official business on private devices or through personal email accounts. The Nevada Policy Research Institute applauds the Court’s decision, they say is essential to ensuring Nevadans receive the kind of transparent and open government promised to them under state law. Nevada Policy Research Institute Transparency Director Robert Fellner issued a statement that says in part, the ruling by the state Supreme Court reaffirms Nevadans’ right to a government that is both transparent and accountable — a promise which has been enshrined in state law for over 100 years. In finding that public officials cannot hide their activities by simply conducting government business on personal devices, the Court reinforces the mandate within Nevada’s Public Records Law that it “be construed liberally to carry out [the] important purpose” of a transparent and open government.