Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Announces Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Campaign

[KOH] – The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office has announced a new Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Program. The intent of the program to deter the theft of catalytic converters through high-visibility marking of catalytic converters, making it less likely to be re-sold for cash. According to the sheriff’s office, the theft of catalytic converters has increased 270% increase since 2021. Most stolen catalytic converters from Washoe County go out of state to be cashed in at metal recycling facilities.

The average cost to replace a converter is approximately $1,800, if a replacement is even available due to supply chain issues.

To get your converter marking kit, go to WashoeSheriff.com and click on “Apply for Catalytic Program.” You can also get assistance by calling (775) 328-3020.

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