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Washoe Schools Updates Sex Education Terms

(Reno, NV) — The Washoe County School Board is updating terminology used during fourth and fifth grade sex education courses. At Tuesday’s meeting, board members voted to use terms like “boys and people with a penis,” and “girls and people with a vulva” during lessons about the human body and sexuality. The phrases were recommended…MORE

Nevada to test Hyperloop, world’s fastest transport

The world’s fastest transportation system is becoming a reality, thanks to the vision of Elon Musk, founder Tesla Motors & SpaceX, and Nevada’s vast expanse of uninhabited desert. Nevada is the home of Hyperloop One’s DevLoop, a test track for the world’s first hyperloop, a pneumatic tube transportation system that will move passengers and products at record…MORE

Senator tells Congress: “No budget? No pay!”

At least one U.S. Senator has been listening to voters and is willing to work for his paycheck. Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (R) has submitted “No Budget, No Pay” legislation as an amendment to one of his bills during the appropriations process. The bipartisan law requires Congress members to pass a budget and all appropriations bills before they get…MORE