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Trump Wins Nevada Caucuses

(Carson City, NV) — Former President Trump has won the Republican caucuses in Nevada. On Thursday evening, Trump won in a landslide just hours after he also secured a victory in the US Virgin Islands caucuses. Trump didn’t face any major competition in Nevada, as former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley chose to compete in…MORE

Sources: Biden Wins NV Democratic Primary

(Carson City, NV) — President Joe Biden will win Nevada’s Democratic Presidential Preference Primary. That’s according to multiple media outlets that have projected the outcome. According to the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office, Biden is wrapping up the primary with more than 76,000 votes cast for him so far. That totals more than 90-percent of…MORE

Senator tells Congress: “No budget? No pay!”

At least one U.S. Senator has been listening to voters and is willing to work for his paycheck. Nevada Sen. Dean Heller (R) has submitted “No Budget, No Pay” legislation as an amendment to one of his bills during the appropriations process. The bipartisan law requires Congress members to pass a budget and all appropriations bills before they get…MORE